Improve Bat Speed w the "SNAP-IT"

How can you improve your baseball Game with a baseball training bat?

This Special Light Weight small Aluminum Bat is a One Handed Drill that helps develop Muscle Memory in loading your hands and 

Snapping right on the Target. This is like a Whip and a Hammer in your Hand. Being Light Weight it acts like a Whip and a Hammer because you snap right on the Spot. 


The  SNAP-IT creates more Bat Speed without Swinging Harder.

Why hit a Line Drive?

  • A Fly ball, you get On-Base 16 %
  • A Ground Ball, you get On-Base 33%
  • A LINE DRIVE, you get On-Base 70%
  • Get The Drive-It

You don't have to be a Power Hitter to get a Base Hit. You will Increase your Batting Avg and Improve your (RBI's) Runs Batted In!

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