Quick Hands Part of the Drive-It System (CRUSH-IT and SNAP-IT )



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This is the Quick Hands part of the Drive-It Hitting System.

This Practice Training Set Includes the Crush-IT and  SNAP-IT  

The CRUSH-IT is made from Light Weight Aluminum. It is Durable with a real bat feel with the Grip, handle and a knob on the Bat. It is designed for 2 reasons.

1. Learn to hit the ball on the Sweet Spot (the Foam Percussion Area)  It will give you a different sound when hit the Sweet Spot vs   the Shaft. (Use this drill with Wiffle or Foam Balls)

2.  Groove a Pro Style Swing. Who's to say you can't groove your swing on both Sides and become a Switch Hitter. 

 (Use this Drill with a Foam Pad )

Practice any where, any time. Before a game hit the Pad (Not Included) several Times or throw some Wiffle Balls. 

They say Practice makes Perfect, AMC SPORTS turns Batters into Hitters. 

The SNAP-IT is designed to improved the Bat Speed with out swinging harder. 
It works like you have a Whip and a Hammer in your hand . Being light weight, acts like a Whip and if you had a hammer in your hand you would snap right on the target. This Light weight tool makes it easier to load your hands and Cocking your wrist then snapping on the Target. IT WORKS and you will Hit the ball Harder